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Over 4,500 donated to date!
We encourage & reward
community service from our
Community Service
selling tee-shirts to
help pay for a child's
Studies have shown that, if children are involved in volunteering at an early age and are taught to show love and concern for others, it will stay with
them forever. The visits to the elderly help brighten the day of many lonely people. Some have no family or visitors and just a smile and a hug are all
they want. The entertainment for the elderly is always enjoyed and they love to sing along. Some of the residents at the nursing homes are happy just
to see and talk with a young person. Giving of the gifts to the children's hospitals teach the students to share and have compassion for others less
fortunate. Through volunteerism, we stress to our royalty that giving of their time to make someone else's day a little brighter, benefits both the
ones volunteering and the ones that are visited.
For nearly 18 years we have served the community.
Over 40,000 cans of food to the homeless
over 10,000 books for literacy