* is your pageant glitzy?*
We have a couple options available for those of you who like ON-LINE

Our IQ (Internet Queen Pageant) is an on-line event where, after you receive
your crown & banner, you make appearances throughout the year in your
hometown and compete for the National IQ title!  The queen with the most
points from appearances, community service and the other IQ events wins!  
Totally up to you!  You have control over how hard you work for the crown!

HERE for IQ information.

Our On-Line Photo Contest occurs 4 times per year.  To enter, simple fill out
the photo form and e-mail your payment and photo.  Winners receive a
variety of prizes & you get to choose!

HERE for PHOTO contest information.

Finally, we have our State Queen Select Program.  If you do not see your
State / Region listed.  You may choose to become a Select Queen.  One girl
per age group per State / Region will be allowed.  You reign for one year &
your National Entry Fee is Paid with your Select Queen Entry.  You are not
obligated to attend Nationals, although it's encouraged.

HERE for SELECT QUEEN information.
American Royalty and all pageants we run are REAL GIRL / BOY events.  
We are not a glitz system.  We like kids to look like kids.  
Beauty is your shining moment in the spotlight wearing the Sunday dress of
your choice if you are under the age on 12 (Older girls may wear prom
attire)! Along with your awards, you will take away with you the lifelong
skills of presenting yourself like the polished and confident person that you

Choose a dress that compliments your personality & coloring. You should
feel confident and excited about who you are - so please be yourself on
stage!  We want a “real” girl not a wind up doll.

At American Royalty State & National Events, introduction counts for 25%
of your final pageant score for ages 6 & up! During this competition, you will
learn how to speak effectively into a microphone. This is an important
lifelong skill.  Introducing yourself and speaking on stage to a live audience.
It will help you in future job interviews or college interviews!  

Contestants 6 & up will introduce themselves on stage at the first X and say
something short and sweet!  For example: “Hi, my name is Mary Smith, I am
8 years old and live in Seagrove, Maine.  When I grow up I want to be a
doctor, thank you.”  Less is more when it comes to introduction.

There are no introductions for our preliminary events or for Storybook

For America's Storybook Princess, the real fun comes with the Storybook
Costume competition!  This is where you get to dress up as your favorite
Storybook character & present your costume on stage.  We do allow you to
use your own music for this event, to compliment your costume. It must be
the only music on the tape or CD & must be labeled with contestant's name
& age. This is 50% of your queen score!

All of our pageants involve community service.  We even crown a Queen for
the girl who brings the most items for our charity.  Check our schedule for
the charity for your event!
About our event
Established in 1990. The Miss American Royalty Pageants, are the intellectual
property of Jen Azarian. Do not confuse us with other like named events.  We
are not like pageants that you've seen on television or in the media.  In fact, we
do not allow outside media cameras into our events. As the parents of two, we
understand how important it is to protect the innocence of children!

We also understand that little girls love to play dress up, so we do allow a little
make-up to be worn, but we want you to keep it as light as you would for a
dance recital...just enough to feel like a princess!  Babies are not expected to
have any make-up on at all (ages 0-18 months).

You won't see any of our contestants in adult attire, unless they are adults!  Our
contestants ages 0-11 years are only allowed to wear their pretty Sunday
dresses or flower girl dresses. No pageant wear is allowed in our beauty

Our pageants offer a non-competitive environment, where every little princess
receives a tiara on stage!  There are no tears here, every child will leave with a
sparkling tiara of her very own!  This positive environment allows children to
just be children and is a wonderful way to build self-esteem plus memories that
will last a lifetime!

Many of our pageant contestants are entering their very first pageant!  So, feel
comfortable if it is YOUR first event too! No experience is ever needed to do well
at our events! We have a relaxed atmosphere and we do not judge any
modeling skills! Parents may accompany children up to age 5 on stage, if their
child needs them!  We are just looking for a pretty face & a great personality!  
We stress inner beauty as well, at our pageants!

Every child will leave our event with a tiara (girls) or a trophy (boys) and a toy of
their choice from our huge toy table!  We have two children ourselves & we
know just what kids like!  We purchase name brand toys and let the children
"shop" for the prize they would like!  We also offer trophies on our prize table
for children who would like a trophy instead of a toy!  We are NOT a "winner
takes all" pageant!  We feel that all children should receive praise and
encouragement, for a job well done!  There is plenty of time for competitive
events, when they grow up!

We do our best to promote our queens!  When you become a state or national
queen, we do our best to promote you!  We have contacts in the film & modeling
industries & we pass the information along to our state & national queens
whenever we can!  We have had queens in movies, commercials, print ads & on
television.  Our pageant has even been judged by talent scouts from time to
time! Karley Barrier our Baby National queens was featured in "American Baby"
Magazine. Remember...you can't be seen if you don't enter!
* What should i do in beauty?*
* do you have on-line events?*
* How established is your
Excellent question!  It is important to make sure the pageant you choose is
professional.  We were founded in 1990.  Our first National event was in
1992.  We are approaching 2 decades of pageantry!