Our pageants offer a non-competitive environment, where every little princess receives a
tiara on stage! There are no tears here, every child will leave with a sparkling tiara of her
very own! This positive environment allows children to just be children and is a wonderful
way to build self-esteem plus memories that will last a lifetime!

Many of our pageant contestants are entering their very first pageant! Please, feel
comfortable if it is YOUR first event too! No experience is ever needed to do well at our
events! We have a relaxed atmosphere and we do not judge any modeling skills! Parents may
accompany children up to age 5 on stage, if their child needs them! We are just looking for a
pretty face & a great personality!

You won't see any of our contestants in adult attire or with heavy make-up, unless they are
teens or adults! Our contestants ages 0-11 years are only allowed to wear their pretty
Sunday dresses or flower girl dresses & the only make-up allowed is
mascara & lipgloss. No
pageant wear is allowed in our beauty competition for little girls! Our contestants, ages 12
and over, may wear their formal attire and age appropriate make-up.

You don’t need an expensive wardrobe! You do not have to worry about changing outfits
with your little one! One outfit is all you need!  For your enjoyment, we also offer some
optional events that you may enter if you choose to, but you do not need to enter any extra
events to win the age division Beauty title.  You only need to enter the optional events if you
wish to vie for our Overall Candy Girl title.

Our extra events are for fun & for a chance to win some other unique, wonderful prizes! For
every optional event there is a winner in each group.

For our overall optionals events, there is one overall winner in each event per pageant.

Candy Girls: (beauty winners) receive full wrap satin monogrammed banners, a beautiful
crown & gift! Our princesses or princes each win a tiara (girls) or a trophy (boys) and gift!

Enter the pageant FREE! If you invite 5 of your friends & they all enter our overall candy
girl pkg at the same pageant you do & your name is on their entry form as a referral….you
can enter ALL of our optional events FREE!!!   For extra entry forms if you would like to
earn this award!

Girls: 0-23mo * 2 - 3yrs *4-5yrs* 6-8 *9-11 *12-14 *15 -UP (single) *
Classic Miss for (married/divorced/single who feel too old for Miss group)
Little Miss Cotton Candy
Most Beautiful
Candy Girl:
Lauren W.
Candy Girl:
Cotton Candy Court:
Madison G.
Madison S.
MB: Lauren
OA: Nevaeh
Cotton Candy Queens
Storybook Princess Queens
American Royalty Queens
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Thank you to the more than 20 visiting queens for sharing the
day with us!
Little Miss Cotton Candy Pageant
October 4, 2008
King's Mountain, NC