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Hi, My name is Tara Nicole,  I am a professional actress & model. I acted in my first film when I
was 4 & LOVED it.  I took a break for a few years, because y mom wanted to make sure I had
a full childhood & wanted me to be old enough to make a clear choice to pursue this
profession.  Now I act on a regular basis. It is a passion for me.

I have been in over 40 films so far & several television projects. If you would like to contact me
about a project, you may e-mail my agent above! If you would like an autograph - e-mail me!

Please look around at some of my candid shots from some of the films / jobs I have done! Just
click on the movie photos link above. You can see more pics of my work on my resume link.  
You can also find me on Facebook. Don't forget to click on my IMDb link above! :o)

In my spare time I am a competition cheerleader, Basket Ball Cheerleader, Cadette girl scout
(I'm a bronze & silver award winner), I love to go to Disney World.

I love to write children's books. I started when I was 5 years old. I have written a book a year
ever since. So far I have won 3 first place awards for my books. When I was 7 years old I
wrote a book called "Learn To Cheer With Princess Tara". It's a basic cheerleading book
written for pre-school children to enjoy.  This book has been published & you may purchase it

I have written 3 screenplays. 2 have been made into short films.  My first screenplay,
"My Name Is...Anna" has won several awards.

I also founded a charitable organization with my brother, called TARA's TEDDYS. This is the
5th year of our Tara's Teddy Bear Foundation! To date we have collected over 7,000 items
for charity.

I have also been a Junior NFL Topcat Cheerleader for 4 years!

I love my fans & I'm happy to sign autographs, just e-mail me.  All autographs will be sent out
via my agent's office.

Thanks for stopping by & if you want to e-mail me about my site, click here:
E-Mail Tara-Nicole