Rules Page
Welcome to our rules pages.  Rules are in place to protect both
you, the contestant and we, the pageant.
Please make sure you understand our rules before you enter.
Thank you!
Rules and Regulations for Miss American Royalty, America's Storybook Princess (including any themed
pageant held and run by same) & Online Competitions.

1.        Contestants in
ON-LINE pageants may make application for titles only in locale, in which they
hold legal residence, own property, or have temporary school address.

2.        All participants must be naturally born in the gender they compete in.

3.        Unless a contestant in the “Ms.” Or “Mrs.” Division, contestants must never have born a child
and may not have been married (ages under 19).

4.        Contestants may apply for a title for our
on-line events for any State OR for a “Select” title for a
State or Region of the USA that we currently do not have a state pageant in.

5.        If applying for a “Select” title (ex: if the is no American Royalty event in California & you wish to
represent California), your queen’s entry fee for your state title will include: your official sash, crown,
personal webpage & your National Pageant $200 overall package entry fee PAID in full. City titles
receive a discount to Nationals.

6.        “Select” titles are available
on-line for each State / Region where we hold no pageant, for Tiny:
0-4 years Little: 5-9 years Junior: 10 - 14 years Miss: 15 years over Mrs: 18 years or older and
Married. These divisions are just for select queens. Our National Age Divisions are different. In other
words, you may be a Tiny Miss State Queen but qualify for the baby division at Nationals.

7.        Applications accepted as per dates indicated on website for each competition. If selected,
Contestant agrees to pay all fees and submit all necessary and required materials within the specified
time period.  National Winners announced as per dates indicated on website for each competition.

8.        If selected as winner, Contestant agrees to represent the system in a positive manner and
provide regular reports to directors.

9.        We ask all winners to make appearances on behalf of their title and to send reports/photos to
the director. For local, city, county and state titleholders, a minimum of 4 appearances are
recommended within the first 6 months of the reign, and a minimum of 4 are recommended in the last 6
months of the reign.  For national winners, a minimum of 6 appearances are recommended within the
first 6 months of the reign, and a minimum of 6 are recommended in the last 6 months of the reign.

10.        Contestant attests that all information, which they have and will submit, is true and accurate.
Falsification of information will result in immediate disqualification and forfeiture of any and all prizes
won. They also agree to display good sportsmanship at all times. Contestants understand that posting
negative or inflammatory messages to the Internet or harassing contestants or staff via E-mail
constitutes poor sportsmanship and if proven, will result in disqualification. Disqualified contestants are
not entitled to a refund of any kind.

11.        Contestant will supply a photo in crown and sash, by e-mail, within 45 days of receiving their
crown and sash. This need not be professional - just clean.

12.        Contestants  will give Miss American Royalty Productions et al, permission to use their name,
photo, likeness, voice & biographical information for purposes of publicity, advertising, and promotion
in print, radio, video, on the web site(s), and in any other media. Contestants also give consent for Miss
American Royalty Productions et al to use their name, photo, likeness, voice & biographical information
for purposes of producing promotional merchandise, including but not limited to clothing (e.g., T-shirts),
posters, mugs, mouse pads and other products. Contestants understand that they are not entitled to
any compensation from the sale of such products.

13.        Contestants understand and accept that American Royalty Productions et al will appoint judges
for awards, semifinalists, finalists, and overall titles.  Contestants understand that the decision of the
judges is final and non-contestable.

14.        Participants understand that the American Royalty Productions et al are self-supporting

15.        Contestants understand that preferred titles will be reserved upon receipt of 1/2 payment of
fees, and that crown & sash will be ordered upon payment of all fees in full. Contestants who have sent
an application are placed in "applicant" status until the national office has received their deposit. Once
deposits are received, titles are "pending". Upon receipt of full payment of the entry fee, titles are
"confirmed" and assigned for representation, and crowns & sashes are ordered.

16.        Participants understand that all titleholders are allowed to enter other pageants, competitions,
and contests. T
itleholders who win cash or a savings bond may not re-compete in our pageant again
until they have given up their title.

17.        Contestants understand the pageant reserves the right to substitute those prizes listed on this
site with others of equal quality or value without prior warning or notice to contestants
due in large part
to many vendors being unreliable
. In such a case, we do our best to award more than advertised.

18.        Contestants understand the pageant reserves the right to use its own discretion when
reviewing or admitting contestants into the Pageant.
Those persons known to have been abusive in
any form to any pageant, its director, owner, agents, sponsors, representatives, royalty, contestants
etc. will be excluded from competing in the Pageant.

19.        Contestants (those of working age) must not now, or have ever worked in a trade which
involves nudity
or any illegal activity.

20.        Contestants understand a person's weight/size, race, religion, age are not factors in the
pageant judging or choice of award winners/titleholders in this pageant.

21.        If a contestant officially "withdraws" from the competition, it is understood they have forfeited
their title. Forfeiting the title means the contestant may not wear the crown and sash, and may not
represent themselves as titleholders with the pageant system. In the case of a title forfeiture, it is the
within the directors right to request the return of crown, sash and any other prizes awarded.

22.        Bouncing a check will result in immediate disqualification, plus a $35 charge.  Past due
balances over 30 days will result in legal action.  If your sponsor bounces a check, you the parent are
responsible for covering it.

23.       I agree that any legal action at any time involving myself or any member of my family / sponsor
etc. and The American Royalty Pageant, such as but not limited to: the collection of a bounced check,
all of the pageant's expenses, legal and personal, involved in said litigation will be the responsibility of
the contestant's parents (or contestant if of legal age).  You hereby agree to this.

24.       I agree to all the terms under the application I signed electronically or otherwise and also to
these additional terms.

 If you are late.  A 5 point deduction will occur.  If the event you are competing in has
ended, you will receive a zero.  A schedule is posted, you are asked to be ready 10 minutes prior,
there are no excuses for being late.

26.       Bonds depend on which pageant you enter.  Exact information on bonds per pageant is listed
on the individual pageant rules.

Ages 0 - 11 years may wear: Lipgloss (clear, pink, frosted) & Mascara only for make-
 Older girls may wear "day wear" make-up appropriate for age.  Hair should be natural in
appearance, but certainly should look well groomed.

 Ages 0- 11 years may NOT wear pageant attire.  We suggest a sweet polished Sunday
Dress, Flower Girl Dress or Party dress.  It may be short or full length.  Older girls may wear Prom /
Pageant gowns.

29.       I attest that I am the legal guardian of the contestant (or I am contestant of age) I am signing
for.  If I am not, I understand and agree that I am bound by all the rules setforth in this document and
any other I signed for the pageant, regardless of my status.  I also agree that I will bear FULL legal
responsibility for any actions that may result in entering a child I am not legally entitled to.  This applies
to ALL relatives, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents etc.  You must have the legal guardian sign the forms.  If
you forge the forms and parents object, you will have the entire legal burden, financial and otherwise.  
You agree to this.

30.        I agree that "My check mark, initials, my signature or electronic signature below indicates that I
have read, understood and agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by American Royalty
Productions et al in its pageants, both on the web site and on this application".

31.        I hereby submit this form as official entry in the above pageant and I do hereby agree to
all rules and regulations set forth by Miss American Royalty Pageants / directors et al. I agree to hold
Miss American Royalty Pageants / directors et al,  and staff members harmless of any damages or
liabilities due to theft, accident or injury during or resulting from my child’s participation in/ after / to or
from the pageant, travel, appearances etc.