Love Letters
Love Letter # 1
   I really do not know what to say or even how to start this, so I am just going to write
from the heart.  Many have learned that the
American Royalty National Grand
title was my first overall title that I have ever won.  To me, it, in itself will always
hold a true significance in my heart and life, and not because of the prestigiousness of it,
but because of what I am walking away with because of it.
   American Royalty was the first pageant system I had competed in since I started re-
competing.  When I first went to Nationals I was going to learn the “tricks of the trade” that
I missed out on from not competing.  That year I lost because I messed up on my
introduction, so I was determined to go back and fix what I had messed up the following
year.  When going back to Nationals all I wanted to do was ace my introduction, I did not
care about winning the beauty title, much less the grand supreme title. But I had people
on my side cheering for me and I ended up winning the Grand Supreme Title.
   During crowning I began think, and learned a lot.  Many people go to a pageant just to
win the crown, but I learned that it is not what pageants are all about, at least not to me.  
To me, pageants are about making new friends and building your own character and
personality.  I have always made friends, or maybe I ought to say acquaintances, through
pageants until
American Royalty; with this pageant and title I have actually made true
friendships that I will always cherish.  I know, that even though each of us is giving up our
titles, that doesn’t mean that we are giving up our friendship and sisterhood!  I may not
have done as much with my title as some have done with theirs, but I know in my heart, I
have done what I could to the best of my ability!
   Being apart of the American Royalty family has been awesome and it has helped me
grow as a person.  

Heather  2001 American Royalty National Grand Supreme
Love Letter # 2

   Since Kelly is only 4, this essay will be what this has meant to us (our family).  For Kelly
and I, pageants have been our way of bonding and giving us something to do on
weekends instead of sitting at home in front of the TV.  I have always been active in my
school and community and I want Kelly to be that way too.  One of the best ways to
accomplish both is to start her now by being active in church and other social events, in
this case, pageants.  
   After searching and doing every pageant system in the area,
American Royalty stood
out to me.  I found a sense of family, commitment, and unconditional love from everyone.
Also this is the craziest and most fun bunch of people I have come across, so I knew I
would fit in.   Kelly and I have made some very special and close friendships through
American Royalty.  Even if we quit doing pageants, these people will still be our close
friends.  How many pageant systems can say that?  
   Kelly will tell you
American Royalty means wearing her red shirt, bringing out her
group, and passing out awards.  She also loves the little gifts she gets from each
appearance she does.  Best of all, it means hanging out with her friends and getting
excited about what friends will be there each time!

Kelly Barley - 2002 American Royalty Overall Kid
Love Letter #3

   My title this year has meant so many things to me! This year I have done so much with
my title that it is hard to believe how many appearances I’ve made and all the donations
for the
Madeline’s Bear Society.  My community now knows that being a “beauty queen”
is more than being pretty and that it does involve some work.  
Madeline’s Bears has
become a very important donation site for many of our community agencies, especially
during the current state budget crisis which restricts funding of certain “unnecessary”
expenses.  I have donated food to our local outreach ministry and even got an article
about it published in Pageant Land magazine.  This year I have even donated bears to
the Make A Wish Foundation and Celebration hospital in Florida.  
   I think the best thing I will remember about
American Royalty is the support that has
been given to me and my family.  I have been supported by my pageant family in
everything from community service projects to friendship and emotional support.  When I
have needed something, there has always been someone there to step forward and
help, no matter what the need.  There are so many queens  with email that there is
hardly a day that I don’t come home to find a quick note or something cute waiting for me,
and on a bad day these are extra special.  I have gotten really close with some of the
younger queens and its like having little sisters who look up to you and value your
opinion (even if you do agree with their mom).  I know I will keep in touch with my sister

Susan Martin - Lifetime Ambassador
Love Letter # 4

   It's so hard to believe that the year has gone by so fast!  I have had a great year
making appearances, meeting new friends & doing community service.  I truly have to say
American Royalty has opened up many doors for me.  I am now a printmodel and
my queen's portrait has been used as an advertisement for Glamour Shots.
American Royalty is very special to me, because it is the first pageant I ever did.  I
received my first crown, banner & trophy from
American Royalty...but most important, I
received a sense of pride and accomplishment....
   Miss Jenny & Mr. Ed, from the moment I entered your pageant system, you have been
so nice to me. Thank you so much for allowing me to be me!

Tia Royal - 2003-4 American Royalty  National Overall Kid     
Love Letter # 5

We really had a great time at
American Royalty Nationals.  You do such a fantastic
job.  It was fun to get to know some new people and reconnect with others.  Thank you,
from the bottom of my heart, for all you do to make
each child feel like the winners they
truely are.  Nobody does it better!

Mom of Elena Penner - NC State Novice Kid 2004 & National 1st alt 2 yr division
Love Letter # 6

Hey, just wanted to drop a line to you to say thanks for a great pageant!  I am not saying
that because Lexie won, but I really think you did a great job, I was pleased!  I am so
proud of my little Lexie, she loves the stage!  She just loves her Minnie Mouse, she
carries it around the house!

Mom of Lexie Martin - 2005 National Overall Kid
Love Letter # 7

   ...I was thrilled...we're trying to book a time at the Walmart store here to collect school
items for kids that need them, will send announcement out and see if any others are
close enough to come and help, we're looking forward to a great year....  I loved that
baby (Lexie), talk about sweet and personality plus....I thought all the winners were
exactly the way I would have picked them...when you get back from NJ we'll talk about
scores and any comments...I did talk to Sandra Jordan, Leah HAS to work on the
stiffness in her beauty modeling...I have some great pics from this weekend and when
you get back I'll send you the rest for the website...and hang on to the pictures and I'll
send you a check....I saw Leah's corduroy Pooh sitting on her bed when I left this
morning....I really thought you did a great job overall on the weekend...

Mom of Leah Hutchens - 2005 American Royalty Overall Most Beautiful 6 & up
Love Letter # 8

Thanks so much...  We really  wanted to win a pageant that really  did  a lot  with their  
queens  since Tara  was moving up into an awkward age division and we do not really
compete as much as  we once  did.    See you soon!

Mom of Tara Schipof - 2005 National Cover Queen & 6-8 Div. Supreme
Love Letter # 9

   Hey! Wanted to say thanks for the pageant…Marissa had a blast and made a lot of
new friends..especially Meiya and Aiyanna. Very excited about the overall photogenic!!!

Mom of Marissa Buntin - 2005 National Overall Photogenic
Love Letter # 10

   Hi Miss Jenny!!

Wanted to tell you that we had a BLAST at nationals!!!  Kaitlin had so much fun playing
at the party and breakfast.  We can't wait to come back and crown next year :)

Mom of Kaitlin Harkey - 2005 National Kid Novice
Love Letter # 11

Ms. Jenny & Mr. Ed-

Thank you so much for Amber's titles. I am so thrilled with your program. It was so much
more than I expected. The crowns & toys were so much nicer than I expected. Amber
really loves her Tigger! I was so happy to find out she won Division Supreme that I think I
cried all night once I got home. Your pageant system is awesome and I would recommend
everyone to do it.

Stacey Cronan - mom of Amber 2005 Baby Miss Nat'l Div Supreme

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