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Have you dreamed of having your very own city or state title...here is
your chance to live your dream!  Read on to find out how to become an
American Royalty Queen! This is part of our PRO program! Pageant
Royalty Online!

Miss American Royalty is a family run business.  As such, we realize that
family comes first and often it is difficult, too time consuming or too
expensive to travel to qualifying pageants!  Sometimes, there may be not
preliminary event near you or your State may not have an Official
Director.  Perhaps you are new to pageantry and need the extra boost of
self confidence that being a Title Holder affords you!  

Miss American Royalty has the solution!  It is called The Miss American
Royalty Internet Queen Program - "IQ" for short!

Here's how it works!
Choose the State or Region (ex: Miss Mid-West) you would like to
represent.  Fill out the  application and click SEND.  We will check to see
if that title is available for this year & get back to you no later than 72
hours after your application is sent in!  When you receive an e-mail saying
Congratulations on Your New Title - simply Paypal us your $125
sponsorship fee or send it to our Office Address Below!

As soon as your sponsorship is received, your State / Regional Crown &
Banner will be ordered for you & Queen's Box will be shipped out to you
in 10 - 15 business days!

That's all there is to it to being crowned as your very own Miss American
Royalty State / Regional Queen IQ Queen!

From there, you compete with our other IQ Queens for points toward
the national title!  You earn these by making appearances with your title,
good grades, volunteer work & more!  YOU ALONE control your score for
the NATIONAL title!  No wondering if you "impressed" a panel of
judges.  You work hard representing your title & improving your
community & you control how high your total points are!  See our rules
page link for more details!

Don't delay...State Titles are first come, first serve!  Several States
have representatives already for 2009!  Get YOUR title before someone
else does!