Our Royalty on Film!
American Royalty / Storybook Princess
Queens who have gone on to work in  
Film, Television or Print
If we have not listed you - please inform our office & we will!

National Director Miss Jenny is no stranger to the "biz."  Both her mother and her
younger brother have been in major motion pictures and commercials.  Her mother has
worked with major stars such as Mel Gibson & Bronson Pinchot.  If you watch "Man
Without a Face" starring Mel Gibson, you will see Miss Jenny's mom, full screen in a solo
Miss Jenny was active in drama while in High School and landed several principal roles.  
Though acting was enjoyable, Miss Jenny found her real calling BEHIND the cameras, in
choreography, stage management & make-up.  Miss Jenny has also been interviewed
by producers and has been featured on newscasts as a principal guest expert on
She has also been on local television, filmed a commercial & as North Carolina's Young
College Miss of America 1990, she appeared in the televised National Pageant in Palm
Springs California, where she won Academic Achievement, Volunteer Service, Spirit
(sportsmanship), Top 5 in Speech, 2nd alternate for the Overall College Miss Title &
came home with the National Swim Wear title.
Rather than be in front of the camera, Miss Jenny likes to promote her queens whenever
possible.  Our pageant, gladly (yes, for free) passes on information for opportunities /
auditions to our queens, as we receive them.
Our pageant office had a hand in most (
but not all) of these placements. We list both, so
that all of our stars may be showcased.  Not just those we assisted. In 1995 our National
Pageant was televised in the Greensboro, NC market. Also, many events we choose as
appearances (parades) are televised!The majority of work is mentioned, however
several of our royalty have extensive resumes.
A * next to a name means multiple jobs in this media.
# next a name means NATIONAL TELEVISION. ~ next to a name means filmed a

Network / Film Producers have 3 times flown in to view
one of our pageants & interview our contestants.
We had a CBS producer / writer at our 1997
Mini-National pageant. 3 Nickelodeon writers /
Producers attended our 1998 National pageant.  Our
1998 New England Pageant was filmed for a

Carrie 2 - The Rage
Kim Elkins
Tiffany Boston*
Talia Boston*
Scarlett Good
Tamorah Boston
Tiffani LeShai*

JuWanna Man
Katie Price    -    Tiffani LeShai*

A Tale About Bootlegging
Tiffani LeShai*
Tara Nicole*
Nicholas Carl*
Tina Murphy

In Flight Florida Vacation Movie
(for a major Japanese Airline)
Filmed at Disney / MGM Studios - Florida
Ally Hall
Tara Nicole*
Kayla Barrier
Kassidy Barrier
Nicholas Carl*
Aliza Hall
Logan Potts
Amber Potts

April Fools Day
Megan Bowels  -  Noel Hall

Breakfast of Champions
Tiffany LeShai*

Major League III   
Tiffany LeShai*

Blood Done Know My Name
Tara Nicole*
Nicholas Carl*

Television (includes cable access):
Jenny-Lynn Azarian*#~
Tara Nicole*
Nicholas Carl*
Tori Layton*#
Tiffani LeShai*#~
Tiffany Boston*#
Talia Boston*#
Alyssa Sides
Katie Price ~
Sydney Sides
Angel Laursen ~
Jessica Hall*#
Ashleigh Summers*#
Sydney Humphrey ~
Allison Stallings #
Katelon Freeman
Memi Simpson
Jessi Rabon
Vicki Hicks
Michelle McQuade #
Susan Martin
Julia Owens
Victoria Johnson
Leila Mallouky*#
Leah Hutchens
Jill Hutchens
Chasity Church
Michelle Holder
Jackie Chapel
Sarah Chapel
Princess Jones
Cinamon Loyd*#
(and many more!)

Jenny Jones' Show
Michelle McQuade #
Jessica Hall *#
Ashleigh Summers *#
Victoria Summers #
Michelle Hall #
Tiffany Boston *#
Victoria Layton *#

Jessica Hall
Tara Nicole
Kim Emery
Nicholas Carl
Emily Miner
Alyssa Sides
Jessi Rabon
Cinamon Loyd