All About
Royalty &
Miss Jenny
when she was
still competing in
Mrs. Lifetime
Jenny-Lynn Azarian
Tara Nicole & Daddy
(Mr. Ed)
At the 2006
Father / Daughter Prom
                        Above: Our son Nick breaks a board at his karate test.
National Director:

Jenny-Lynn Azarian has been involved with pageantry for over 23
years.  She has served in all areas of pageantry, including;  judge,
emcee, hostess, contestant coordinator, choreographer, make-up artist,
contestant, pageant "mom" & stage manager. Jenny-Lynn has held
many titles herself, including;   North Carolina's Young Miss of America
1990, National Swimwear Queen 1990, Mrs. Central Piedmont 1993,
North Carolina’s Natural Mrs. 1994, 2000 Ms. North Carolina
Ambassador & 2001 MS. USA Ambassador. She also, won the honor of
being named “Mother of The Year” at the national All American Miss
pageant in 2001.   This year she is Mrs. North Carolina Volunteer 2006-7.

Jenny-Lynn is an avid volunteer and has spearheaded many community
service projects in the Charlotte area.  As a teen-ager, she won a
$10,000.00 college scholarship from the Miss Maine National Teen-Ager
Pageant for her volunteer work.  She was also nominated for the
Jefferson Award (a state-wide volunteer award)  in Maine that same year.
She also receive the Miss Maine T.E.E.N. Pageant volunteer & academic
awards two years in a row!  She received the Mrs. North Carolina United
States Volunteer Service award in 1995.  She also volunteers as a Girl
Scout Leader.

Jenny-Lynn is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of The University of NC at
Greensboro with a degree in Speech Communication.  She is an
accomplished spokesperson, with many awards in speech on the local
& state level, including  the
Roy A Taylor Public Speaking competition in
. While in college she was a University Marshal, an Honor
Student & a member of Alpha Xi Delta sorority, for which she served a
term as Chaplain & Marshal.  She is also Co-Editor of two published
books of anthologies, her first was published when she was 17.

In her youth she was a Varsity Cheerleader, Majorette, in the Drama
Club, Varsity club,  Choir, Band, Junior Prize Speaking, President of
both the French & German language clubs & was voted "Most Musical"
her senior year.  Her Senior year also resulted in her being named "Miss
Congeniality" at the Miss Windsor Fair Pageant.  To date this is her
favorite pageant trophy!

Jenny-Lynn was diagnosed with an autio-immune disease 4 years ago
& though it has slowed her down a little, she continues her
volunteerism.  "On my worst days, when it hurts to even stand, I focus
on what I can do & I know there are people who would love to trade
places with me!  This is only a road block I plan to take a detour around
to get to my goals!"

Jenny-Lynn is also the proud mother of two children, Nicholas & Tara
Nicole.  Nicholas is a straight A Honor student and has won awards for
his artwork.  This year he placed first in his age group in a City Wide
book writing competition.  He studies Martial arts, plays basket ball &
loves to drive Go-Carts.  Tara Nicole has won local, state and national
titles (
you can check out her website to see her titles).  Tara Nicole’s
photogenic & modeling pictures have also  received national
recognition.  Tara Nicole's favorite part of being a beauty queen,  is
making appearances.  Tara Nicole studies tap, ballet & Jazz & was a
High School cheerleading mascot for two years, Junior High Cheer
Mascot for 1 year & this year she is on 2 cheer squads.  She cheers for a
youth league & also for a competition squad.  She is a straight A
student, Girl Scout &  recently auditioned for 2 movie roles.


Edward Azarian has been involved in pageantry for over 18 years.  He
has served in many aspects, including sound, auditor, judge, set design
& host and now is enjoying the rewarding role of pageant dad.  In fact,
Edward was awarded “Father of the Year” at the All American Miss
national pageant he attended with his daughter. In the 1980’s Edward
had his own radio show.  In his youth Edward was an avid volunteer
with various local youth sporting teams.  He has studied Music, Voice
and Drama.  He is currently an Operations and Recognitions Specialist
for the NC region.  He is also the proud father of two children;    
Nicholas   &   Tara Nicole.
Edward & Jenny-Lynn are very happily married and have been
together for 20 years


We are a Beauty Pageant.  You are judged on FACIAL BEAUTY
& personality and or stage presence. We do not judge clothes
at any level toward the beauty title.  We do not judge modeling
at any level toward the beauty title.  50% of every score in
every event is facial beauty.  We have had first time
contestants win at the local, state & national level, due to our
emphasis on facial beauty.  We also have had pageant kids
win at the state & national levels.  All you need to do well with
us is a pretty face & a great personality!

Our system gives pageantry back to the contestants &
eliminates the need for expensive clothing, tanning or any
other overly priced service offered at most pageant events.
Pageantry should not be about the vendors or coaches, it is
about the children. We do not cater to ANYONE except our

We are an established pageant system  we have held events
for over 15 years & run a FUN, fair & family oriented pageant
that puts the kids first!!!  It is important to know that how your
child reacts to his or her placement relies entirely on how

Winning means many things and has many forms. It is not all
about winning the "title" - it's a journey toward improvement
and your own achievements! For example, my trophy that I
proudly display in my living room (the rest are in the garage)
is my "Miss Congeniality" trophy from the 1983 Miss Windsor
Fair Pageant.  I didn't win that pageant. But,
I was so thrilled
when they announced that the other 30 girls had chosen ME as
the nicest contestant, it took weeks to get me off cloud nine!

It's all in how you teach your children! Plus in our event your
job as cheerleader is even easier because we give
all contestants  a crown in our pageant (instead of a trophy)....
even at the national level!  I will NOT send any child home
without a crown! :o)

My favorite phrase is, "Beauty fades...dumb is forever."  Thus,
our pageant also devotes some time & energy to events such
as Volunteer Service, Talent & Academics.  At the National
level, academics, volunteer service & talent ALL carry national

One of the greatest things about America, is the ability for all
to acquire an education...and it is one of the greatest gifts you
can give to yourself! I think it is important to recognize
Academic excellence in today's youth!  I also feel strongly that
God's plan for Mankind includes caring for one another.  
Volunteer service becomes a natural way of life, if learned as
a child.  Our pageant encourages & rewards volunteer service
by our contestants.

I hope you will join us soon at one of our events! :)