Alpha  Rho  Sigma  Pi
Pageant  Service  Sorority
Alpha  Rho  Sigma  Pi
Helping to make the world a
better place!
Welcome to Alpha  Rho  Sigma  Pi  Sorority!

We are a Pageant Service Sorority for females of all ages.  We promote
sisterhood through good works in the community.

Our Greek Name comes from the two pageants which inspired our sorority:
American Royalty & Storybook Princess
Thus the name: ALPHA  RHO  SIGMA  PI

Our Mascot is the Leopard.  Leopards are graceful, beautiful creations of God
which are adorned with thousands of spots.  Each spot is different, unique.  No
two are the same.  The differences can be seen if one takes the effort to look
for them - BUT if you step back and enjoy the beauty of the leopard...all her
spots blend together in harmony, as should we all.  We celebrate diversity in
females of all ages.  Everyone is unique and has a special purpose.  Believe in
yourself and your own God given talents.

Leopards in large numbers are called a "PRIDE".  Alpha  Rho  Sigma  Pi  believes
all girls should take pride in who they are!  In our Sorority PRIDE stands for:
Purpose - Respect - Individuality - Determination - Expectations
Qualities that make women strong leaders in our communities & in the World.

We believe that community service is a way of life,not a task.  God said to help
one another...this is our motto.

Our Flower is the White Rose, which is symbolic of  a pure heart.

Our Colors are Pink, Blue & Leopard

Our Sorority pin is a pink crystal crown pictured above.

Our founder is Jenny-Lynn Azarian who has been recognized nationally for her
volunteer service. She has been a volunteer all her life and feels that if you
volunteer when you are will volunteer for life...and that can change
the world, one girl at a time.
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Alpha  Rho  Sigma  Pi
There is a one time membership fee to join our sorority.  This one time fee
entitles you to be an Alpha  Rho  Sigma  Pi  for life.  No annual dues!
You will receive your sorority pin, certificate of membership, the right to
wear our Greek letters, information about our group, membership in sorority
that exists to make the world a better place.
Membership can also provide you with a sense of sisterhood and motivate
you to help others.

Membership is open to all born females. Those who have been a queen for
one of the two pageants above may join for $15.
All other memberships are $25.

Fill out the form above & upon acceptance you will receive an e-mail from us.  
When we receive your membership dues, your "Paw Package" will be mailed to
you, with the above items & you are then an official member!