Myrtle Beach Pageant
Our Swimsuit Beach Pageant is in June each
year at Myrtle Beach, SC.
No beauty attire needed, just a modest swimsuit,
pretty face & a fantastic personality!
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Myrtle Beach Pageant - June 24 (Sunday)
Comfort Suites - Myrtle Beach, SC (near Broadway at the beach)
Hotel phone: 843-448-4884
It is summer time so there are no discounted room rates this time of year! :(
Free Beauty Entry - Beauty is in Swimwear or beach attire (cover ups
are allowed)
We accept paypal & money orders, cash only at the door please.
Our pageant is well known for our Disney gifts and our generosity.
Each child will receive a crown (medal for boys).

Click here for an application
"Thank you so much
for all the toys,
trophies & the
money! We almost
couldn't fit all my
prizes in the car!"